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When you join the SKRT network

How sharing works

List for free
We accept all varieties of carts. Listing takes less than 5 minutes and it's completely free - no listing fee, no monthly charges.
Set your own price
Control how riders access your cart. Customize availability to fit your schedule with our flexible tools, then let us match you with riders.
Get paid twice a month
Sit back and relax while your cart earns for you.

Why share on SKRT?

Free to use

There is no up front cost to sharing on SKRT. Create a listing and receive rentals without paying for anything. We only collect a fee after the rental is completed.

You have control

SKRT gives you the tools to let you control how your cart is rented. Set the price and dates, and choose the pick-up and drop-off times and locations to fit your lifestyle.

Peace of mind

We securely collect credit card information for all rentals. SKRT riders must be verified and we assist with damage claims. Our rental agreement protects you from any incident that may come up.

SKRT community

Owners and riders review each other, and only responsible riders can stay on SKRT.

Ready. Set. SKRT.

SKRT is ready to give you a sense of freedom. Join us today and start earning tomorrow.

SKRT Owner's Guide

New Owners

Before you list

Sign Up

To list your vehicle, first you need to sign up for a SKRT account. Don't worry, it's free and only takes a minute.

You can use your Facebook, Google, or email to log in.

If you use a Social account to log in, we will need an active email address - that's how we will send you booking notifications and messages from riders.

Upload your ID

Upload your Driver's License, Passport, or other national ID to confirm your identity.

Create your profile

We recommend adding your phone number in case riders or SKRT needs to contact you quickly.

Choose a profile picture to add a personal touch for your riders.

Change how your name is displayed and what contact information we share with riders in the My Profile page.

Add banking information

Use the Payouts page in your account to add your bank information so we know where to send your earnings.

Get into the hospitality mindset

Great owners are what sets SKRT apart from a traditional rental company.

Owners who offer great service to their riders get higher reviews, and owners with higher reviews get a boost when riders search.

There are many things you can do to give your riders a great experience. Be friendly, communicative, and keep your vehicle in good condition.

Add your cart

Join the SKRT marketplace

Add basic details

In the Vehicle Manager page, click the Add New Vehicle button.

Provide the following information:

Next you will be asked to provide your proof of insurance for your cart.

You can add your cart right away and upload insurance later.

Adding proof of insurance will display a "verified" badge next to your cart when riders search and will boost your cart's positioning.

Required documents

Before your cart is available for rent you need to upload a real photo of your cart

After you upload a photo and the above basic details, our team will verify the information.

You'll get an email once your cart is verified. We process all requests in less than 24 hours, most of them much sooner.

We will never share your cart's insurance documents. If you provide a license plate to help riders find your cart, we only share this 30 minutes before a rider's rental begins.

The name on the vehicle insurance need to match the ID you use when you sign up. The photo of your cart must be a real, original image.

Cart setup

Customize how riders experience your vehicle

The Cart Manager

The Vehicle Manager lets you fully customize your cart listing.

If you don't want to dive into all the settings, the Cart Manager shows you a checklist of the minimum information we need.

You can also see a preview of how riders will see your cart's listing.

There is no limit to how many carts you can add.

Set your pricing

Set an hourly, daily, weekly, and/or monthly price for your cart, or let us automatically set the price for you.

You can give a discount for longer rentals.

Use the Earnings Calculator to see how much your cart will make with your pricing.

Add great photos

Carts with high quality photos get more attention from riders and get more bookings.

Your cart will randomly show up on the SKRT front page to take riders directly to your listing.

Use well lit, beautiful photos to get more attention. Using a nice location really helps too.

Set up key exchange

Choose between meeting the rider in person at your cart or leaving your keys in a lockbox.

You can set the lockbox code in the Vehicle Manager. We'll only show it to riders after they check in at the beginning of a rental.

Drop a pin

Choose landmark or address that your cart is parked near.

Drop a pin on the map showing the exact location of your cart.

Optionally, you can add a photo of where your cart is parked to make it easier to find.

We only show the exact location of your cart to riders when they are about to begin their rental. In search results, we will approximate the location.

Set dates

Use the calendar to mark dates which your cart is available.

You can enable the dates to automatically extend. Each night at midnight, we'll extend the dates your cart is available by one day.

Set times

Set the earliest and latest time you will allow rentals to start or end to match your schedule.

You can set a minimum and maximum duration of time any one rental can be.

You can also set a "lead time" for your rentals, i.e. how long in advance bookings must be made before they start, in case need a few hours heads up before doing a key exchange.

Other Settings

Write a description

Tell riders a bit about your cart before they rent it.

Write a pick-up note

You can include a customized message shown to riders before they pick up your cart.

Service and maintenance

When you take your vehicle in for repairs or regular maintenance you can keep track of it here.

If your vehicle breaks down during a rental you can submit proof that it is up and running again.

Keep your documents up to date

If you skipped uploading proof of insurance when you added your cart, you can do it from the Vehicle Manager.

If your insurance expires or changes, upload your new policy and keep your SKRT listing up to date.

Activate your cart

When you are happy with the settings click "Activate" to list your cart on SKRT.

You can deactivate your cart at any time. This will not cancel existing bookings but will prevent new bookings.

Booking Process

Unleash your cart's earning potential

We'll notify you

When a rider books your cart, we'll send you an email.

You can manage the booking and contact the rider from the Rentals Overview page.

You should say hello and welcome the rider. We encourage communicating with them as soon as you get the booking.

We'll email you a reminder a day before, and another one two hours before your rentals start.

Starting a rental

If you are doing in person key exchange, coordinate meeting with the rider at your cart. Have them start the rental on SKRT - do not just hand them the keys and let them drive off.

If you have a lockbox set up then you don't need to do anything else.

During the rental

Pay attention to your phone in case the rider tries to contact you.

Ending the rental

If you are doing in person key exchange, coordinate meeting with the rider to return the cart. Again, have them end the rental on SKRT.

If you have a lockbox set up then you don't need to do anything else.

After the rental

Leave a rating for the rider in the Rentals Overview page.

Check your vehicle's condition and report any issues immediately. If you are using a lockbox and there is no new rental afterwards, please check the cart within 24 hours.

Problems during a rental

If the rider is early or late for a rental, it is up to you whether you want to forgive them or not.

If the rider has an accident or breakdown during the rental, they will try to contact you first to resolve the issue.

If you can't resolve the issue, contact SKRT and we will assist.

If you notice new damage to your vehicle, or any other problems, immediately report it to us on the Rentals Overview page. Include images.

Getting Paid

Payouts are twice a month

Upload your bank information.

Use the Payouts page in your account to add your bank information so we know where to send your earnings.

Tracking payouts

On the Payouts page in your account, you can view upcoming and previous payouts.

When a rental is completed, it will be included in your next payout. Rentals that are booked or ongoing are not included until they finish.

When we send you a payment, you will get an email stating the amount. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days for funds to post.

Additional Support

If you have any problems or are unsure about what to do, Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you. That's what we're here for!