Golf Cart Rental: Gas Vs Electric

Written by SKRT on 03/01/2023

When it comes to renting a golf cart, you'll have an important decision to make. Do you go with gas or electric? Electric golf carts are becoming increasingly popular but renting either option is not without its own pros and cons. Let's explore those below!

Renting an Electric Golf Cart, Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

- Less noise 

As they're electric, they don't have the loud rattling sound that a gas cart will make. This will make for a much more quiet and more peaceful ride. If you're looking to rent a golf cart by the beach, for example, nothing will stop you from taking in the soothing sound of the wind and waves around you. It will also mean that you're less of a nuisance to everyone else!

- The Environmental Factor

Driving an electric golf cart is certainly better for the environment you rent it in, there are no gas emissions and a serious lack of noise pollution. However, it's important to note that at this point in time, electric vehicles are not necessarily more environmentally friendly than gas overall. There are plans for the future! But currently, the process of creating an electric battery itself is still very harmful to the environment.

- Ease of operation

Most people find driving and operating an electric cart a lot easier as well as more simple. It basically feels like driving a toy! 

Cons 🔴

- Say no to hills!

When it comes to hilly terrains, an electric golf cart is a whole lot less effective than a gas one. This is because the motors generally have less torque (rotational force) than the engine of a gas golf cart. Steep hills and heavy loads are going to be a lot more challenging! Sometimes if the battery is old/depleted, the cart will not have enough energy to climb the hill at all, causing it to come to a complete stop. 

- The Charging Problem

This has got to be the biggest con of renting an electric golf cart. The range is fairly limited when compared to gas, after several hours of continued use, you'll have to stop to recharge. You don't want to let that battery get to zero, so recharging is something you'll always have to keep in mind. Finding somewhere to charge can also be difficult, you'll need to locate an accessible socket and leave it charging for at least 1 hour. This can seriously break up your day, so you'd better find somewhere to charge it during the evening!

Renting a Gas Golf Cart, Pros and Cons

Pros ✅

- Power & Speed

Gas golf carts are typically more powerful and can travel at higher speeds. The engine on a gas golf cart produces more power and torque than that of an electric motor, so if you're looking to get some more wind in your hair (under the on-road legal speed limit, of course) then you'll have a better experience renting a gas cart.

- Off-Road

Due to the engine and suspension system, gas golf carts will be a better choice for tackling more rough/ hilly terrain. If you're looking to have some fun off-road, renting a gas cart is the more reliable choice!

- Say goodbye to the re-charging headache!

When renting a gas golf cart, you don’t have to worry about recharging, feel free to explore, headache-free. Refueling is just like a car, it’s easy! Besides, you won’t have to do it often at all.

Cons 🔴

- Gas Price

You’ll have to pay for the price of gas refueling which will depend on the size of the gas tank along with the price of gasoline in the area (which is notoriously getting higher and higher) but that being said you’ll have about 100-180 miles before you need to concern yourself with all that!

- Noise & Rattling

As mentioned, the experience of driving a gas golf cart is more like a car when it comes to the sound and feel- some people may be into that while others will prefer a smoother ride! Bear in mind that some RV parks only allow electric golf carts, so be sure to research your destination in advance.


Taking into consideration the pros and cons of renting a gas vs electric golf cart, the main things to think about will be where you're planning to go with your cart and what sort of terrain you will be driving on.

If you plan to drive your golf cart around a small, flat beach town and you won’t drive too far from a known charging spot- then an electric cart may be for you! However, if you plan on exploring your area a bit further and want that peace of mind, gas will certainly be the hassle-free option! As with anything, personal preference comes into play too, do you prefer the unique, old-school feel of a gas cart? Or is a quiet ride exactly what you’re looking for?


Here at SKRT, we have both electric and gas golf carts available to rent. Just choose a golf cart to rent near you at and have it delivered directly to your location! Looking for more information on gas vs electric golf carts? Check out what an expert mechanic has to say in our previous blog: Gas vs Electric


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