The Benefits of Renting a Golf Cart on SKRT

Written by SKRT on 12/04/2023

Gas Golf Cart for Rent

With golf cart rentals becoming increasingly popular, and more options available than ever before, you may be stuck for choice. From where are you going to rent? 

There are certainly options, but SKRT has got to be the best and we’re not being biased! Ok.. maybe a little, but here’s why!


  • Streamlined Process 
  • Variety of Options
  • In-advance Booking
  • Safer 
  • Better for the Environment 

Streamlined Process 

Let's face it, renting any sort of vehicle inevitably involves admin, you need to find a place to rent from, provide the right documents, choose the vehicle, oh...and you also need to pay!

Luckily SKRT share streamlines the whole golf cart rental process for you, all you need to do is go onto our platform, find a cart to rent near you, and follow our simple steps to upload everything from there.

No need to call up and inquire, and no need to waste time waiting on golf cart rental companies to take copies of all your documents. With SKRT golf cart rentals, you upload your driver's license, insurance, and payment all to the website in advance, you book your golf cart and you're set to go!

Renting a Golf Cart Online

Variety of Options

Through the SKRT platform, you're able to browse a range of different golf carts to rent. All specs and pricing are presented clearly, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Gas, Electric, 6-seater, 4-seater, SKRT has got it all.

Since SKRT cart share is a P2P rental platform, different individuals as well as companies can use the platform to rent out their golf carts to others. SKRT gives you the opportunity to choose not only from a range of carts but also from a range of different renters. Renting a golf cart through SKRT gives you the power of transparency and choice!

Map of Golf Carts to Rent Near You on Skrtshare platform

In-advance booking

A big benefit of renting a golf cart from SKRT is that you can rent your cart in advance of your trip. Have a big vacation coming up? Don’t leave it to the last minute. Just hop online to, input your destination, and get your cart delivered straight to your Airbnb. It’ll be right there waiting for you!


Let’s face it, sometimes things can go wrong. That’s life. But you can feel comforted when renting a golf cart through SKRT since everything is documented online. Documents, payments, everything. We offer full transparency for your rental process.

Golf Cart Rental, Booking Process Online

Better for the Environment

Want to rent a golf cart the green way? SKRT cart share is a sharing economy, like Airbnb or Turo, so when you rent a golf cart from an individual, you are effectively recycling.

Imagine if the whole world started to rent from one another. Well, there would be less need for production and so there would be fewer harmful pollutants/waste being released into the earth. There's no need to let a perfectly good golf cart go to waste! Save the planet, help your neighbor, rent with SKRT.

Renting a Golf Cart From Others, Environmental Benefits

Discover the benefits of renting a golf cart through SKRT first-hand at 


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