SKRT Golf Cart Rentals: How to Rent a Golf Cart

Written by SKRT on 12/04/2023

Golf Cart Rental

Renting a golf cart is made seamless with SKRT Golf Cart Rentals, all you need to do is go to our website, choose a cart near you, and book directly. Get your cart delivered straight to your location!

Do you need a driver's license to rent a golf cart?

Whether you will legally need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart will depend on the state you are in as each state has different rules. Even if you’re just renting a golf cart rather than an LSV (street-legal golf cart), places will generally require a driver’s license as well as driver’s liability insurance. I mean, think about it, would you want to rent out a vehicle to someone without a license or insurance? Ultimately, the specifics of what you will need will depend on the company or individual renting out their golf cart to you.

To prove an overview, you will generally need the following to rent a golf cart: 

- A valid driver's license

- Auto Insurance

- A form of payment

- A deposit for damages

How old do you have to be to rent a golf cart?

The age you will have to be to rent a golf cart/ LSV will also depend on the laws of the state you are in renting in. For example, since the legal driving age in Mississippi is 15 years old, you can operate a golf cart/LSV at that age.

However, when it comes to renting, golf cart rental companies are required to follow the terms of your insurance, and a lot of insurance companies will not allow persons aged 15 to operate a street-legal golf cart. Additionally, the age requirement of customers is also at the discretion of the individual/ company renting the golf carts out, many companies, for example, will require renters to be 21+.

Rent a Golf Cart by the Beach

How much does it cost to rent a golf cart?

Rates will be dependent on company, state, and time of year. For example, renting a golf cart during summer months will hike rates for obvious reasons. Generally, you can expect to pay $100/day for a new 4 seater golf cart and $75/day for a lower quality 4 seater. Around $150/day for a new 6 seater and $125 for an older one. Most places will not rent to you for less than a day, but this is good as you’ll find the longer you rent the better rates you get!

How fast can the golf cart go?

When renting a street-legal golf cart you cannot drive it higher than 25 mph and it can only be driven on roads with a maximum of 35mph speed limit. If you’d like to know more about how fast golf carts can go and all the rules relating to this check out our blog here: How Fast Can Golf Carts Go?

Street-Legal Golf Cart Speed Limit

Can you drive the golf cart anywhere?

No! You can only drive street-legal golf carts on roads under 35mph, and highways are strictly forbidden, although if absolutely required you may cross a highway. Non-street-legal golf carts can only be driven on designated roads under a 30mph speed limit. Some areas like Bay St.Louis, MS are very golf cart friendly and have many of these designated roads but generally speaking, you’ll want to rent street-legal!

Golf cart rentals near you

SKRT has streamlined the golf cart rental process, all you need to do is upload your ID, insurance, and payment details and get your cart delivered directly to you. Easily browse through a selection of carts and rent directly from the owner. Avoid the hassle, rent with SKRT!

Map of golf carts to rent near you on Skrtshare platform


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