SKRT Golf Cart Rentals: How Fast Can Golf Carts Go?

Written by SKRT on 12/04/2023

Electric Golf Cart

A golf cart can go up to 120 mph, this is the golf cart top speed world record that was set on October 31st, 2014 at the Darlington Dragway in South Carolina. However, this is obviously a very extreme example as golf carts are not designed to go that fast nor is it safe for them to do so.

Do you have a need for speed? When renting a golf cart there are a few things you need to be aware of when considering how fast you can go. The road laws of the area that you are driving in, are of particular importance. Lucky for you we’ve put together a small cheat sheet for all things golf carts and speed.


  • The average speed for gas and electric carts is 12-14 mph 
  • The top speed a golf cart can go up to is 120 mph 
  • The legal maximum speed for a golf cart is 20 mph, driven on designated roads up to 30 mph
  • The legal maximum speed for a street-legal golf cart (LSV) is 25 mph, driven on roads up to 35 mph

Electric Vs Gas Golf Cart Speed

When considering renting either a gas or electric golf cart, it is important to note that there is not much difference in terms of overall speed. Both gas and electric golf carts have an average speed range of 12 -14 miles per hour, and they can both be modified to go faster. So what speed-related differences might you notice between gas and electric golf carts?

Gas Golf Carts

When it comes to renting a gas golf cart, the key difference is that they typically have more power and torque (rotational force used to move the vehicle forward), allowing them to tackle hilly or uneven terrain easier than an electric golf cart would. They are also not affected by battery problems, which can cause electric golf carts to slow down as the charge runs low. Cruising faster for longer is a big perk of renting a gas golf cart!

Gas Golf Cart For Rent

Electric Golf Carts

Now, if you’re set on renting an electric cart but want to improve the power and torque, you can rent a 48 V electric golf cart which will give a faster acceleration time, longer distance, and greater power on all terrains than the standard 36 V cart would.

Not satisfied?  Go and rent a 72V electric golf cart as it will provide even more horsepower and torque. Do note, however, this will not increase the speed, it will just help with acceleration, range, and power. Now generally speaking a gas cart will still beat an electric one in these fields, so if you’re looking to tackle some rough terrains easier and faster, renting a gas golf cart will be the choice for you!

Golf Cart Speed Overview

Golf carts were originally used for transporting senior citizens as well as those with disabilities in the USA between the 1930s-1950s, from the mid-1950s they became more popular on golf courses. In these instances, speeds are designed to be kept low at the 12-14 mph mark mentioned above. But now, with the increasing popularity of people renting and owning golf carts for travel and personal fun, you’ll find that speeds have increased!

Golf Cart Vs Street Legal Golf Cart Speeds

A golf cart can legally be driven at a maximum of 20 mph, and a street-legal golf cart/ LSV can legally be driven at a maximum of 25 mph. Depending on the rules of your area/ state, golf carts can be driven on designated roads up to a 30mph speed limit, and LSVs on any roads up to a 35 mph speed limit. When renting, always be sure to check the rules & regulations of where you’re allowed to go first in order to avoid any fines/tickets!

Driving a Golf Cart on the Road

Can Golf Carts Be Made to Go Faster?

Now, as evidenced by the 120 mph golf cart, yes, they can be made to go faster! Golf cart mechanics can bypass the governor that limits the speed,  they can do things such as upgrading the motor and getting bigger tires. When renting a golf cart, bear in my that you will be responsible for any speeding tickets, so even if a golf cart can go faster than the legal limit, it doesn’t mean it should.

SKRT Golf Cart Rentals

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