Introducing SKRT Share

Written by SKRT on 09/22/2023

Our Beginnings

As backpackers in South East Asia, we were constantly frustrated by the trouble we had renting vehicles during our travels. For those of you who may know, it isn't always a straightforward process. A lot of places will ask to hold your passport, which never made us feel comfortable. You have no idea what quality or selection you'll find before arriving at a rental shop, which is sometimes out of your way. And the pricing can be opaque, not to mention we felt like we weren't getting the best deal - rather, the "tourist deal!". All of these hassles while trying to get past language barriers. There has to be a better way, we thought.
So, in early 2020, we launched a first-of-it's-kind scooter sharing platform in Taiwan. During the pandemic we shifted focus to serving expats and locals, and in these last few years we've improved our services and learned a ton about the rental industry.

Cart Sharing

After coming back to visit family in Louisiana we saw how awesome the golf cart scene is back in our neck of the woods. You can do way more than just ride around a course! We thought hey, we already have this platform and a ton of knowledge about serving customers. Why not give it a try? With that said, we are pleased to introduce SKRT Cart Sharing the US.

We will be taking all of our expertise and applying it to our home country. Our goals and vision remain the same: to empower cart owners and make the rental process more delightful for riders. And of course, to continue improving our services and our platform to become the ultimate vehicle sharing platform, at home and abroad.

Thank you for joining us on this chapter of our journey, and we can't wait to make your next trip amazing.