3 Things You Absolutely Have To Do While Visiting 30A Part 1

Written by SKRT on 12/09/2022

1) Visit the beach at Grayton Beach State Park

2) Rent a golf cart and go on a sunset cruise

3) Breakfast and coffee at Black Bear Bread Co.

So you’ve booked your vacation to the Emerald Coast, South Walton, or 30A. Congratulations, you’ll love it here. The only problem is you’re not quite sure how to make the best use of your time whilst you are there.

That is where we come in! Here are three can’t-miss, experience-making activities that you must do when you visit 30A.

1.)Checking out the beach at Grayton Beach State Park

Going to the beach in South Walton is super obvious, right? So why are we putting this on the list? Because not everyone knows about the hidden gem that is Grayton Beach State park.

Why should you visit this beach instead of the other options?

Situated on 30A, this beach is very close to popular bars and restaurants but secluded enough to make you feel like you are still in an undiscovered paradise.

Not everyone can access this beach. You have to pay for a day pass or be a guest of the RV campground to be able to go inside and there is a maximum capacity which means that the beach will never be too crowded.

Grayton Beach State Park is meticulously maintained and extremely clean. The public restrooms and showers are nice too just in case you want to wash up after a long day of sunbathing and swimming.

Inside the park, you have access to not only a jaw-dropping, white sand beach but also the still waters of the dune lakes. There is a kayak, paddle board, and bicycle rental shop on site as well, easily allowing you to get out into the open water of the lake and make your way down through the inlet that connects to the beach. Being on these lakes and paddling out to the ocean is the type of experience that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life. If you have a family, it's certainly one for the kids, and tiring enough too, allowing for a much-needed peaceful ride home.

The wildlife, the waters, the views, the sunsets. Grayton Beach State Park is a joy!

2.) Renting a golf cart and going on a sunset cruise

So where did all these golf carts come from and why are they driving on the road? Because golf carts are awesome and people visiting really love renting them, that’s why! The golf carts offered for rent on 30A are street-legal golf carts that come with license plates, lights, and seatbelts for the open road.

So why do people love golf cart rentals so much?

It won’t take long to notice that parking is an absolute mess on 30A. A street-legal golf cart rental turns the parking mission impossible into parking mission very possible. How you may ask? Picture this, you are staying at Grayton Beach State Park, the best state park in the world, and you want to go for some food at a nearby restaurant that is fairly close but not quite within walking distance, should you spend hours fighting for a parking spot in town? Listening to the hangry complaints of those backseat monsters? No, you shouldn’t. You should hop on a golf cart and cruise right on through!

A golf cart rental makes bouncing from the beach, to the dune lakes, to a restaurant, and to nearby attractions at the seaside a literal breeze. Let’s face it, who wants to be stuck in a car when you could be driving open-air amongst the elements? Smelling the salt, feeling the heat…add a sunset to all that and you’re set for one magical evening!

Another extremely convenient factor when it comes to golf cart rentals is that whether you are staying at a vacation rental or you have your RV parked inside of Grayton Beach State park, you can get your golf cart delivered direct! That’s right, renting a golf cart near you is streamlined and easy when you use skrtshare.com

Rather than having to call around in search of a street-legal golf cart rental, we have consolidated it all for you on skrtshare.com where there is a huge selection of rental listings to choose from. You can book a golf cart rental directly in advance and have it waiting for you when you arrive in 30A!

3.) Breakfast and coffee at Black Bear Bread Co.

If you are anything like me (a coffee addict), finding a good cup of coffee in the morning whilst in a brand new area is extremely important but also fairly challenging, especially in those more remote areas like 30A. You may have to overpay for a few bad cups before you find that satisfying cup of Joe. Well, let's skip past the bad part (the watered-down-sorry-excuse for coffee) and straight to the good one! The good one, my friends, is at Black Bear Bakery Co.

I fancy myself a good researcher but I wasn’t able to find this place on my first visit. It’s probably because “coffee” is not quite featured in the title, so it’s easy to miss. A friend asked me to meet him there one morning during a trip and I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend ordering the flat white, it allows you to really taste the coffee beans’ flavor.

If you happen to walk in during breakfast hours, there may be a line out the door! That is how yummy this place is. I only planned to go for a cup of coffee but seeing the long line and smelling the freshly baked bread, I just couldn’t help myself! The nail in the coffin was the sampler bread they put out, one sweet and the other savory. I recommend trying their sourdough bread, it is simple yet tasty and compliments the coffee extremely well.

One eye-catching treat that I want to try next time are their pop-tarts. Nostalgic, colorful, what’s not to like? I’ll keep you posted after the next time that I go.

Let’s tie this all together and make the ideal day trip itinerary for 30A below: 

Before you go:

-Book a spot or cabin at Grayton Beach State park


-Book a street-legal golf cart rental and have it delivered


When you arrive:

Dawn: Breakfast and coffee at Black Bear Bread Co.

Day: Sun and surf at Grayton Beach

Dusk: Golf Cart cruising from Grayton Beach, past the dune lakes, and into Seaside

Night: Refuel and get ready for part 2 of our blog

Did we miss anything that you absolutely love to do in 30A? Please let us know whatyoumissed@skrtshare.com

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